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Updated 09.03.06

For Gunnar

From Shell:

Question: What types of activities do you like to do for fun? Are you still into the daredevil activities or do you like the occasional quiet day of fishing?

Gunnar:I actually like a bit of both kinds of action... in equal doses. There's nothing like a great day of fishing with some good friends. But driving a race car well around a track at breakneck speed is quite the rush too. I suppose it just depends upon how I'm feeling on a particular day. Life is about balance, grasshopper. Yin and Yang. I try to make sure my recreational life has a great deal of both. 

From:  Laurie K.

Question: Gunnar,  A year or two ago I was working on my house and I suddenly had this feeling of real happiness. I owned my own home! It dawned on me that I was finally a "grown-up"!  Has becoming a real home owner struck you this way?  How is the old TN house coming along? Is the remodeling finished and are you able to enjoy your hard work yet?

Gunnar: You know, it's that feeling of home ownership that keeps me going on this home project. The doing of it has really not been a whole lot of fun a lot of the time... but then I realize it's MY home, and I start feeling much better about the whole thing. Congratulations on your home!

*Gunnar's remodeling has been completed

For Matthew

From: Patty

Question: Who comes up with the song list for each show and how is the order of songs picked?

Matthew: Patty-
Most of NELSON is a 50% collaboration- but I'm considered the 'editor' of the two of us so that usually is my role. I do it as part of my pre-show ritual. I do seem to have a knack for it. Songs are picked for a show based on many factors...first, what we want to play (gotta please yourself...), the audience and type of venue we're playing (there's a difference between a mostly 'oldies' crowd and a festival sponsored by a local pop station), how much time we have and of course- what we feel our audience would really miss if we didn't play it. 

From: Kimberly

Question: What inspires the lyrics that you write?

Matthew: Kimberly- 
I'm mostly inspired to write based on a personal experience I've had or am currently going through. That keeps it real. I have on occasion and mostly in works for hire (say a song for ABC) written from a "what if this happened" point of view. Writing is a true joy for me- it's not work- it's expression- so I have fun with it and challenge myself always to write a better song... 

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